ARTIST - Painter


I’m July Remy, a 24 year old painter, born in Besançon in France.

At the age 13, I began lessons in painting,with a reputable local artist, for two years .

I have also completed three years of studies, in statistics, computer sciences and business intelligence.

Upon completion of my studies, I decided on a break year. I chose to live and work in Australia.

When I came back to France in the summer 2018, I rediscovered my passion for the canvas and painting.

This medium of expression has allowed my mind to travel, to dream of and realise the ethnic portraits in orange tones. These shades, tones and colours bring back to me, the captivating sunrises and sunsets of Australia.

I’ve mainly self-taught, after a solid foundation was set with my past art lessons. I create my art and translate it to canvas using acrylic and normally on a meter square canvas, giving the work, presence, strength and structure, to my artistic vision.

I endeavour to capture the emotion, the energy, the depth of a picture and reflect these facets to the canvas, all of course with my special flare.